Duramax Feedback

We love to hear from our customers.  What makes us even more happy is when we get pictures of their truck as well!  Check out this sweet Duramax!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Justin Hammond, LA on

    2016 GMC Denali 2500HD… I was very skeptical of a plug’n’play module, but I was able to go from 17-19 MPG @ 70MPH up to 21-23 MPG @ 70MPH. Throttle response has changed drastically and reduced the lag significantly. Great product that lives up to all it claims!!

  • Kevin on

    2015 3/4 Denali I pretty much drive the same thing everyday 20 miles to and from work with a little city driving my average was around 16.5 after 1500 miles with the Stealth I am at 19.6 I’ll take the 3 mpg!

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