Ford Feedback

"Gave me about 3mpg gain. And it doesn't downshift near as much going uphill with the trailer. Thanks guys!"

"Ok got the Stealth installed, very simple to do. I also put on an intake from Absolute Performance at the same time. What a difference. Not sure on mileage yet, since I only drove about 15 miles and hammered down most of the time. I can definitely tell a difference. There is no more lag when I hit the pedal. Also, before when trans shift there was a slight pause before power band hit, now it's smooth with power immediately upon shifting. I drove 120 miles with my fifth wheel and boat and got 9.5 mpg yesterday @ stock. Installed this morning and will re check mileage Monday on return trip !! So far though, loving it !! Also, only have it on lowest setting."


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