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About Us

Stealth Performance Products is family owned and operated. The company was founded on August 12th, 2016. It all began with Eric's passion for motors. In 2008, Eric reconnected with a high school crush, Krista, and soon she also shared the same passion. They began going to car shows, buying and selling vehicles, going off-roading, and building mud trucks.


As much as they love power, Eric and Krista also wanted efficiency. While working on architectural salvage jobs, hauling heavy loads far distances was a daily task. They wanted the optimum performance out of any and all their trucks and cars.


On a recent moving job, Eric was on his second trip hauling a trailer from NH to PA. His diesel truck (Modified Chevy Kodiak 4500 4x4) started acting up and after hours of trouble shooting, found he needed to replace his injectors (ouch!). After doing his due diligence in researching different injectors, he ended up on the phone with someone very special, a mad scientist of sorts, Doc Sadler of Dr. Performance. After a long discussion, Eric knew he found the best injectors out there, and also made a highly knowledgeable friend. Doc knew all there was to know about diesels and he loved Eric's enthusiasm for the diesels. Eric bought the injectors and soon booked a flight to visit with Doc. When he returned to NH, it was soon after that he had Krista fly out for a week as well while she was 8 months pregnant with their first child, Stella.


stealth family


That is how they were introduced to the performance module and found themselves in the community of diesel performance. Stealth Performance promotes and sells products by Dr Performance along with other great products that belong in their catalog.


Stella was born soon after the company was created and the whole family drove 2700 miles to be with Doc in hopes of building a successful company. They have very high confidence in their product and enjoy hearing all the positive feedback from customers.  Eric and Krista are extremely excited to have this opportunity to share high quality performance products with their customers and back the products with the support and customer service they deserve.






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