Installation Instructions for Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Stealth Module (2020-2022)

Included With Purchase

(1x) Stealth Module
(1x) Wire Harness with Fuel Rail Sensor Connections
(1x) Selector Switch


Video Installation


Step by Step Instructions

Let your truck sit with the hood popped, doors shut and the key fob away from the vehicle for at least 20 minutes. It is important to keep the key fob away and the doors shut during the entire installation process. DO NOT bring the key fob near the vehicle or open any doors until AFTER the module is fully installed and connections are verified. This allows the computer to 'sleep' and for your engine compartment to cool down. Failure to do so will result in a check engine light on startup.

 Step 1:

Locate the fuel pressure on the driver's side of the engine behind the alternator.

Fuel Pressure

Fuel Pressure

 Step 2:

Disconnect plug from the fuel sensor. The fuel sensor has a locking tab. We recommend using a hook style dental pick as pictured in order to disconnect the plug. The locking tab will slide towards the front of the vehicle to release. Then squeeze connector and gently pull on the plug to remove it from the sensor. Plug the module's male connector into the truck's female connector.

Plug the module's female connector into the fuel sensor. Tug on each connector and make sure they are snapped over the sloped tab.

Fuel Sensor

Fuel Pressure

Fuel Pressure

 Step 3:

Ensure connectors fit snugly and loose wires are tucked away. Gently tug on all connections to make sure they are secure especially the fuel pressure plug.

The module and switch must be installed away from heat and moving parts.

Fuel Sensor