Installation Instructions

Land Rover Discovery 5 3.0L Stealth Module


Included With Purchase

(1x) Stealth Module
(1x) Wire harness with fuel rail sensor connections
(2x) Zip ties
(1x) Install instructions
(1x) Selector switch if purchased

Step by Step Instructions

Be sure your truck has been off, with the hood unlatched and key fob located away from the vehicle for at least 15 minutes before installing the module. Key fob needs to continue to stay away from the vehicle for the entire installation process. This allows the computer to 'sleep' and for your engine compartment to cool down. It also helps mitigate your ECM from detecting an interruption in a sensors electrical circuit.

Step 1

Open hood and remove plastic engine cover. The engine cover is sitting on top of the engine without any fasteners. Gently pull straight up on the cover and it will release.

Step 2

Locate your engine's fuel pressure sensor on the passenger side of the engine. See figure 1 and 2. Please note the orientation of the factory plug. There is a push release tab on the sensor plug, do not attempt to force this tab if it doesn’t want to release. If there is difficulty releasing the sensor, push the sensor aft while simultaneously squeezing the release tab. Once you hear/feel the plug release keep squeezing the plug to remove

Step 3

The Stealth Module installs in line with your factory engine harness to the fuel pressure sensor. Recalling the factory plug orientation, install the modules harness to the fuel pressure sensor. The plug will snap into place, give this plug a slight tug to insure it is seated fully. Continued...

See figure 3. The last plug connects to the vehicles harness. See figure 4. This plug will only correctly fit one direction and snap into place. Just like with the previous connections, gently try to separate these connectors to ensure proper seating.

Step 4

Locate the Stealth Module, main wiring harness, and switch harness for assembly. The large gray connector on the main harness will connect directly to the module. Be sure to push the plug in so that both release tabs are locked. Connect the selector switch harness to the main module harness via the two white plugs

Step 5

Store the Stealth Module away from the engines moving and exhaust related parts. The passenger side fender well near the firewall is a common area for installation. The switch can be ran into the cabin of the vehicle or left tied up under the hood on your desired setting for ease of removal prior to service.

Step 5

Reinstall Engine cover by aligning the two aft stand offs by pushing down on the cover, then the forward two standoffs. Double check all connections and that wiring is routed away from any engine critical areas. Close hood and enjoy.

How The Selector Switch Works

The dial going clockwise:

Stock - Low - Medium - High

Low: Towing heavy and low traction situations.

Medium: Moderate towing and ideal for everyday driving situations.

High: Maximum performance - ideal for empty highway cruising.

The switch must remain plugged in to stay in the desired setting. You can run the switch into the cab or leave it tied up under the hood. Leave in one setting as much as possible.

Everyone has different driving preferences, it’s suggested that you try each setting for at least a week to see what you prefer.

If You Get a Check Engine Light or Hard Start Upon Installation

Please check the connection between the truck’s wire harness and the module’s female plug and ensure it was connected properly. Improper installation will cause a CEL/hard starting.

Remove The Module Before Service Work

If you need to take your vehicle in for service work, REMOVE the module before work is performed.

If you have any issues, please contact our Technical Support or call us at (888) 613-4304

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