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Installation Instructions for Ram Cummins 6.7L Stealth Module (2013-2019)

Included With Purchase

(1x) Stealth Module
(1x) Wire harness with connector plugs
(2x) Zip ties
(1x) Install instructions
(1x) Selector switch

Step by Step Instructions

Be sure your truck has been off for at least 10 minutes before installing the module to allow computer to "sleep" and for your engine compartment to cool down. This way it will not detect an interruption when you unplug your sensor.

First Option

Step 1:

Locate the (2) injectors harness plugs on the driver's side of the valve cover on the top of the engine.

Ram Cummins Instruction Step 2

Ram Cummins Instructions Step 2

Step 2:

You may require a small screw driver to release the connector retaining tab. If using a screw driver to release the locking tab, GENTLY slide into lock and push it towards the valve cover to disengage. 

Step 3:

Once the module is plugged into the vehicle you can reconnect the power (red wire) and ground (black wire) on the driver's side battery. 

Ram Cummins Instruction Step 4

Step 4:

Mount module away from the hot and/or moving parts. Zip ties are provided.


If You Get a Check Engine Light or Hard Start Upon Installation:

Please check the connection between the truck’s wire harness and the module’s female plug and ensure it was connected properly. Improper installation will cause a CEL/hard starting.

Remove The Module Before Service Work

If you need to take your vehicle in for service work, REMOVE the module before work is performed.

If you have any issues, please contact our Technical Support or text to 603-309-6370

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