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Make your truck work smarter, not harder, with the Stealth Module. No other modifications are necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Overall the fuel economy increase is about 1 to 1.5 mpg gain per tank. I drive about 50/50 city and highway on a tank and average 16.5mpg. The power increase is the best and most noticeable difference. After driving it with the Stealth on I don't think I would ever choose to go back to stock power. Strictly rating on fuel economy gains I would give it 3 stars but with the awesome costumer service and the power increases it's a 5 all day!


Tyler Alan Jones

I got the module for my 2016 power-stroke. Install took only a few minutes which is awesome, took it for a spin in low mode and what a difference! Then tried the performance and the race mode and they all increased power. I left it in towing/economy mode for now so I will see what I get for MPG in a little while, I was really skeptical about it before I bought it but glad I did now, looking forward to other new upgrades you guys come up with. Happy camper here!


Paul Cheremnykh

Received my Stealth Module yesterday and installed it in about 30 minutes. The module is very light and easy to install. Amazed at how much of the "Dead Pedal" went away and the power gain I got right off the bat. Looking forward to my trip to Salt Lake City here in a few weeks to see what my MPG gain will be, but so far, I'm very pleased with this module!!


John Owen

I have 2017 Ford F-250 and I put it on and can't keep tires from spinning even after I put 22" wheels and 35" tires. Love the power and response. Working on getting fuel mileage up. The customer service is amazing!! I had a Duramax and they traded it out for my Ford and they answer any and all questions!!! I highly recommend using Stealth products!!! Thanks again!!


Hunter Skelton

I bought this module about a month ago for my 13' 2500 Ram manual. It was very easy to install. Took about 45 minutes including the selector switch. Noticed a change in my power curve I wouldn't say a lot more power it just comes on better. And 1-2 mpg better mileage. Only one hiccup. I had injectors start to miss while passing. Let off throttle and reapplied it and back to normal. Over all I like the module. I think for the person that wants to keep emissions in tacked its worth the money.


Josh Bobbitt

Bought one for my 2014 Superduty and loved it, when I traded the truck and got a 2017 Superduty I tried to put it on the new truck but it didn’t work and threw a code. I called them and without any question they said it needed to be updated. They sent me a shipping slip and within 2 weeks I had it back and on my new truck. Zero issues so far and back to loving it again. Great company, highly recommended.


Justin Copeland

Got my module Friday for my 17 Ram 2500 and popped it on Saturday morning. My truck is starting to act like a diesel now. Of course this isn't going to effect my truck like a delete and tune, but it definitely wakes the slug up a bit. I may toss on the throttle booster, but really don't fee it necessary at this point.


Brendan Taylor


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