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What is a Stealth Module?



The module is a stand-alone computer that plugs in under the hood. The internal software meticulously works to optimize the injection pressure to amplify combustion efficiency. By bringing the fuel rail pressure to its desired pressure sooner, it allows for finer fuel atomization. In turn, the engine receives better combustion quality, efficiency, and power output. The end result is more torque where you need it, improved overall drivability and vehicle responsiveness.

  • Increase in Low To Midrange Power where you need it
  • Smooth and Predictable Power
  • Safe for Towing and Everyday Driving
  • OEM Plug and Pay Connectors
  • Engine Operates Safely within Manufacturer Pameters 
  • Increased hp and Reliable Torque



Low-Mid RPM range power where you need it for pulling and daily driving situations while improving overall responsiveness of the vehicle.


No unlocking of your factory computer. Factory safety features and fail safes stay functionally intact.


Plug and play with OEM weather sealed style connectors. Most applications install in under 15 minutes*


Just remove the module prior to service to keep from being questioned by a technician that isn't familiar with the product physically seeing it.

Stealth Module vs Traditional Tuner

Learn why people are choosing a Stealth Module over the traditional tuner.

Stealth Module

  • Detectable? No. Be sure to remove the module before taking your vehicle in for service.
  • Impact of Installation? None! The Stealth Module plugs directly inline to the manufacturer connections.
  • Potential of engine damage? We work within the stock safety parameters set from the factory. 
  • More low to mid-range power, improved drivability, smoother more predictable power all while leaving emissions intact and staying within the vehicles factory set safety parameters.

Traditional Tuner

  • Detectable? Yes. Traditional tuners leave a footprint on the ECM regardless if it is removed. Traditional tuners will void your vehicles warranty.
  • Impact of Installation? Yes. Splicing of wires and other modifications are usually necessary.
  • Potential of engine damage? Yes. A tuner can cause the EGT's to be too high, create higher cylinder pressures
  • Pushes the truck outside of the factory set safety parameters. Will cause excessive wear on vehicle parts by changing injector timing and duration, throttle input mapping and temperature limits.

You can read a more in depth explanation of the differences between the Stealth Module and a traditional tuner on our blog!

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