Stealth Module vs Pedal Commander
In the realm of automotive enhancements, two popular devices, the Stealth Module and the Pedal Commander, aim to improve vehicle performance. While both can enhance performance, they serve different purposes. Let's outline the critical differences between these devices, highlighting their unique features and functionalities.
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Tuner vs Stealth Module: Are they the same?
As we’re sure you’ve noticed, diesel trucks appear to be significantly faster and more powerful than before. For example, all three major brands offer roughly 1,000 lbs./ft. of torque from the factory. Regardless of the advertised high peak power figures,...
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Diesel Engines: 9 Common Myths Debunked
Are you planning to buy a new vehicle and upgrade to a truck? Are you having doubts about shifting from gas to diesel engines? Despite the recent boom of diesel-powered vehicles, there are still many myths that hound diesel engines. Some of...
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