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Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003) - Stealth Performance Products
Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003) - Stealth Performance Products

Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003)
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Make your diesel have more efficient power and fun to drive with our Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Stealth Module exclusively for Ford years 1999-2003. Your module will be a stand-alone computer that simply plugs in under the hood of your truck.  It will not increase fuel volume, so there’s no need for any other modifications. Make your truck work smarter, not harder!  Get that extra boost in performance without any harmful side effects.

Works with:

  • Ford years: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Ford diesel models: F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, E-350, Excursion
  • Automatic and manual transmission

The Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Stealth Module provides:

  • Better throttle response
  • Decreases turbo lag
  • An increase in low to midrange power where you need it
  • Unleash—Increased hp, 120 ft-lbs of torque*
  • Reliable torque increase
  • Safe for towing and everyday driving
  • Improves towing performance
  • Stays within stock safety parameters
  • Stealthy technology does not leave a footprint in the ECM
  • Smooth and predictable power across the entire RPM prevents the transmission from struggling to find power and hold gears
  • Includes all-weather factory style OEM plug and play connectors for quick and easy installation

How it Works:

The module is a stand-alone computer that plugs in under the hood.  The internal software meticulously works to optimize the injection pressure to amplify combustion efficiency.  By bringing the fuel pressure to its desired pressure sooner, it allows for finer fuel atomization.  In turn, elevating fuel-air mixture.  This allows for better combustion quality, efficiency, and power output.  The end result is more torque where you need it, less turbo lag across the whole RPM range, and increased throttle response.  Keep in mind, your truck’s stock safety parameters remain in place.  The module is a safe solution for every day driving and hauling.


  • The selectable module includes a switch with 4 modes:
    Stock, Low, Medium, and High

Why sacrifice peace of mind when looking for a little bump in performance?  No endless modifications or flashes to your trucks computer.  This is the easiest and safest way to give your truck improved performance.  A cost-effective approach to wake your truck up starts here.  Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, includes 24/7 technical support, and superior customer service.  Finally a high-quality, safe, and non-invasive performance solution your truck has been waiting for.  See why thousands of diesel pickup owners are turning to Stealth.

Mileage is impossible to guarantee with any modifications. Anyone that claims otherwise you should be very leery of. The majority of Stealth Equipped vehicles do see a mileage increase due to using the efficient low-end power our module provides to keep their RPMs down and hold higher gears. With responsible driving habits it's not uncommon to see a nice bump in MPG along with an all-around better driving experience. You're welcome to reach out to us so we can provide you with any tips we have learned from first-hand experience and speaking to tens of thousands of diesel owners.


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02 Ford Crew 4X 7.3

She's definitely no show stopper, but I'm here to tell ya it can flat haul *** now. Quite impressed. DEFINITELY a good buy.

United States United States

2002 F250


James M.
United States United States
Stealth Performance Products Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003) Review


I was very skeptical on buying this and almost didn’t order it but I decided to give myself a Christmas gift and ordered it. I am very happy with it. My throttle response is awesome. My power is more than I coulda believed it could become and I improved my mileage on the highway by 1 mpg doing 75 or more the whole time. That’s wonderful for a 2003 F350 with 7.3 and 294k on it. I’m very happy I ordered it and can’t wait to see what it can do pulling my camper around the country the next couple years. Also I added it to already having a banks six gun is part of what made me more skeptical cuz I wasn’t sure if it would have the effect cuz if already having a programmer. You can tell the difference when you turn the banks off also so one didn’t eliminate the other. Couldn’t have made a better purchase. Woke the old sleeping beast up wonderfully. Now time to set it on middle setting to see what difference I can get.

Stephen M.
Stealth Performance Products Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003) Review

Noticeable difference in low to mid power

It took 30 minutes to install. Most of that is running the selector switch in cab. Noticeable difference in low to mid power. Still too early to see about mileage gain. But overall a quick and easy way to boost the performance and power of my 2003 7.3L F250.

Michael C.
Stealth Performance Products Stealth Module - Ford Powerstroke 7.3L (1999-2003) Review

2001 7.3 Excursion

First off ive never installed anything as easy as this product except an air filter. Extremely easy install. I am running this product on top of my Hydra tuner on a 140 tune. After initial install i drove the truck 180 miles from the event i was attending, i felt that the truck idles much smoother and mypedal felt alot smoother. My lie-ometer mpg calculated a 10mpg increase on the highway, 22 with my hydra and 32 with hydra and stealth module. When i got home just driving around i had an increase of 5mpg city driving. Pulling hills in 4th locked was much more tolerable as i had a little more low end power and i was less smokey. All in all i am impressed already. Only negative i have about it is a surging when im under very light throttle. I removed my tuner and used just the stealth module to see what gains i will have on a completely stock truck, that stock dead pedal is definitely gone and i noticed better throttle response. Hand calculated mpg was 21 mpg highway and 18mpg city unloaded. Hand calculated mileage loaded was 18-19 mpg cruising at 68 to 70mph and 15-16 in town. I was impressed with this moule amd would recommend to anyone!

Scott M.

After having gone through 3 differant tunes I was ready to just give up on trying to tune my 2003 7.3 until I met Eric down in Daytona. We talked for awhile about how their tunes work and I was curious but of coarse nervous after what I’ve been through with other company’s. We finally decided what the **** let’s do it and we went through with getting their tune. Eric personally installed it within about 2 minutes. Instantly after that I felt a massive difference in power. The throttle response is incredible and I really could not be happier. I would recommend anyone with a 7.3 to get the stealth module. It’s like nothing else! Can’t thank the guys over at stealth enough!!

A Stealth Performance Products Customer
Colby M.