Diesel Engines: 4 Most Common Misconceptions

Diesel Misconceptions

Did you know that in 2014 there were over 16.4 million diesel trucks and cars sold in the United States?

While a diesel engine has traditionally been seen as old, noisy, and under-powered, the diesel engines of today are really nothing of the sort. With that being said, let's take a look at 4 of the most common diesel misconceptions.

MYTH #1 - Diesel Engines Won't Start When It's Cold

One of the biggest diesel misconceptions is that a diesel engine will not start in the winter. While there was some truth to this myth in the past, the diesel engine manufacturers of today build diesel engines in a way that they do start in the winter. In the past, diesel engines were not equipped with glow plugs (small electric heaters powered from the car's battery), which help to ignite the fuel and start the engine.

Gasoline engines, on the other hand, start much easier because gasoline is more flammable. After recognizing the difference, diesel engine manufacturers have built engines that adapt to the cold and start in the winter just as reliably.

MYTH #2 - Diesel Engines Are Loud and Dirty

Another diesel myth is that diesel engines are loud and dirty. When you think of a diesel engine, you might imagine a vehicle that looks like it has lots of smoke coming out of its tailpipe. You may also imagine that it sounds like one of those cars with an ear-damaging exhaust. Contrary to this idea, however, the reality of a diesel engine is much cleaner and quiet. 

The diesel engines of today are subject to the EPA's emission requirements and require them to meet the same standards as engines that run on gasoline. Diesel engines comply with this standard by using a "Diesel Particulate Filter" (DPF) that removes the visible smoke. According to Argonne mechanical engineer Steve Ciatti, the DPF removes over 95% of the smoke.
Modern automotive engineering has also reduced the clicking sounds that diesel cars used to be known for. Instead of hearing a loud engine, the noise level of a diesel engine today sounds almost as quiet as an engine running on gasoline. This is all because of something called common-rail technology.

MYTH #3 - Diesel Costs More Than Gasoline

This myth about diesel being more expensive than gasoline is completely false. If you ever pass by a gas station, you'll find that most of the time diesel prices are usually around the same price as gasoline prices. While there may be rare instances in a state such as Chicago, where the pricing may be higher, the pricing of diesel in the majority of states is either the same or lower than gasoline.

MYTH #4 - Diesel Engines Have Less Horsepower

This is a myth that does have some merit from the past. Looking back twenty or thirty years ago, the diesel engine cars of that time were not as fast as the gasoline cars of that time. Fast forward to today, and we see a totally different story.

Modern developments in diesel engine technology have enabled diesel engines to generate more horsepower from diesel fuel than gas engines can from burning gas. With the new advancements in diesel engines, horsepower is definitely not lacking.

Diesel Misconceptions Debunked

There you have it - 4 biggest diesel misconceptions that people have. If any of these myths have kept you from getting a diesel truck in the past, you can now make an informed decision next time you go buy a new vehicle. Whether you choose to buy a Ford, a Duramax or a Dodge diesel truck you can make your truck work smarter and with a Stealth Module.

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