Diesel Power - Testing the Stealth Module

Diesel Power - Testing the Stealth Module

Check out the December 2017 issue of Diesel Power Magazine where they put our Stealth module to the test!

We were really happy to be featured in the magazine.  The results were very impressive on the dyno - but as we mentioned before, the dyno doesn't show the true benefits of the module.  The dyno won't show being able to roll into the throttle or hold gears better.  It doesn't show the smile on your face when you feel your truck wake up!  We aren't focused on making race trucks.  The performance gains you can achieve with the module are reliable and safe.  You'll get better over-all drivability, which many working class folks, are searching for.  We are proud to be able to offer this solution and back it with top notch customer service.  

diesel power magazine article - stealth module

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