Stealth Tune - Ford F-150 3.5L (2017-2020)

Stealth Tune - Ford F-150 3.5L (2017-2020)

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Introducing the Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost® tune! Elevate your truck’s performance while enhancing fuel efficiency. Our tunes allow you to utilize fuel ranging from 87 to 93 octane. Experience a transformation in your vehicle's performance with an increase of up to 50 horsepower using 87 octane and a staggering 75 horsepower on 93 octane, all without the need for additional modifications!

Our tuning approach focuses on delivering reliable performance enhancements for everyday use. These tunes are crafted not to squeeze out every bit of power possible but to ensure your vehicle operates at its peak, providing dependable performance whether you're commuting, running errands, or embarking on an adventure.

On top of that, we're excited to offer transmission tuning for an even more refined driving experience. Say goodbye to unwanted skip shifts and embrace quicker, more decisive gear changes that add a sportier feel to your ride. Our transmission tuning fine-tunes torque converter clutch operation, optimizes shift schedules across driving modes, and improves shift times for a noticeably smoother and more responsive drive.

An RTD is a "remote tuning device". Simply put, this device allows us to easily send our tunes over to you. Even more than that, it allows you to data log after our tune is installed to make sure everything is good to go!

A tune, otherwise known as calibration, is a file written to the computer in your vehicle that runs your engine. This control module is sometimes referred to as the Engine Control Module (ECM), Power Control Module (PCM), or Engine Control Unit (ECU).

The tuning process will void the factory warranty related to that modification. For example, if your windows stopped rolling up, this should still be covered since it is not controlled by the ECM.