General Motors: How They Are Rising to the Occasion

General Motors: How They Are Rising to the Occasion

Did you know that General Motors employees around 164,000 people? With the COVID-19/coronavirus they have decided to rise to the occasion and take the time to temporarily suspend production in their manufacturing facilities in North America. 

What Exactly Will They Do During This Time?

While the facilities are closed they are taking the time to deep clean everything in order to protect employees and everyone else. Rory Gamble, the President of the UAW stated that they are doing everything they can to protect "health and safety during this pandemic." During this time they will be working with General Motors to implement new health and safety plants when production resumes.

Ventilator Collaboration

Something else that General Motors is doing during this time is collaborating with Ventec Life Systems to increase production on respiratory care products. They are helping make more ventilators to get more ventilators to more hospitals at a faster rate.

This is a great way that GM has raised to the occasion and is using their facilities in Indiana along with their expertise in logistics, and manufacturing to help save more lives during these times. With ventilators being on backorder at the moment this will help speed up those orders and get them out sooner.

GM is deploying around 1,000 American workers to help scale the production of Ventec ventilators. Everyone has been working around the clock to move mountains during these times.

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Surgical Masks

In Warren, Michigan, General Motors is using that plant to build Level 1 surgical masks that are also in demand for hospitals. They will be producing up to 50,000 masks per day and are looking to eventually make 100,000 per day. 

GM wasted no time and planned and approved the production of surgical masks in about 48 hours. 

Vehicle Manufacturers Are Showing a Great Example

It is great to see vehicle manufacturers stepping up and using their facilities to help during these unique times everyone is going through. To witness large corporations like General Motors rising to the occasion and helping in any way they can is great during these times where many people are feeling uncertain.

Here at Stealth Performance, we hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. Do not forget to remain positive during these times and thank you for being part of the Stealth family.

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