Stealth Module: The Best of Diesel Performance Products

Stealth Module: The Best of Diesel Performance Products

Diesel trucks are more popular than ever. Sales of pickup trucks and SUVs with diesel engines increased by 28% in 2020.

Are you ready to start getting the most from your diesel truck? Have you looked at performance products, but you don't want to void your warranty or potentially damage your vehicle?

It's time to try a Stealth Module. Stealth Modules optimize your fuel injection and boost pressure to improve combustion efficiency. You get increased power output with improved combustion quality.

The best part is that Stealth Modules are safe and non-invasive. Find out more about how a Stealth module can be your new everyday performance solution.

How Is a Module Different from a Tuner and/or Programmer?

People often use the terms module and programmer interchangeably. However, modules and tuners or programmers have some important differences.


A module is installed under the hood of your diesel vehicle. You install the module between the engine control module (ECM) and at least one sensor on the engine.
When the sensor sends a signal, it first travels through the module. The module changes the signal. After that, the signal continues on its path to be used as a reference for the truck’s stock programming.
The module manipulates the engine's control system to make counteractive adjustments that increase performance. For example, a module might read 20 PSI of turbo boost but tell the engine it's making 15 PSI. The engine will pitch the vanes of the VGT turbo to raise boost pressure faster.
In most cases you can use a module in combination with a tuner or programmer. Increasing fuel and boost pressure while the engine is at low RPM typically compliments a tuners approach at power which tends to kick in at higher RPM.

Tuner or Programmer

You install or download a programmer directly to the vehicle's ECM through the OBD II data port under the dash. This route completely reprograms the truck by flashing the ECM. The reprogramming raises the ECM’s safety parameters to increase peak engine power.

Why Pick a Module Instead of a Tuner?

Tuners change the factory calibration of your engine. Some of the parameters that tuners affect include:

  • Injector timing
  • Injection duration
  • Throttle input mapping
  • Temperature limits

Installing a tuner is relatively simple. However, tuners can cause several problems. You may get exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) that are too hot. Excessive EGTs over a period of time can cause catastrophic engine failure.

Higher cylinder pressures can also lead to premature failure of head gaskets and/or pistons. Advanced timing can wash the cylinder walls of lubrication by spraying outside of the pistons combustion chamber. This causes the piston rings to wear out faster and allow more blow-by.

Finally, the use of a tuner voids your warranty. Dealerships generally won't warranty any problems related to the powertrain if a tuner is installed. Tuners leave a trace or watermark that the dealership can detect.

With modules you won’t have to worry about damaging your engine. It won't leave traces the dealership might find, which means they won't void your warranty if it is removed before service.

Modules add horsepower and torque without the need to remove your emissions.

Performance Gains from Stealth Modules

A Stealth Module gives you performance gains you'll notice in your everyday driving. Our customer reviews give you an idea of what you can expect.

More Low-End Power

Stealth modules give you more low- to mid-range power and torque. People usually get an average increase of 30-60 hp to the wheels and 50-100+ lbs/ft of torque. You'll notice a difference whether you're towing or driving empty.
When towing, the increased torque will get you up to speed faster and easier. You will also notice that you can hold gears better.

Less Turbo Lag

You'll notice better throttle response and less turbo lag. A Stealth module will allow you to have smooth predictable power delivery. No more waiting for the boost to hit, instead your truck will happily get the job done in a broader RPM range.

Better Shifting

Your transmission will hold gears better and not jump around searching for power. This is because Stealth modules bring the power in sooner and more smoothly.
You get more of a 4-stroke power curve instead of a 2-stroke curve. You avoid alternating between lags and sudden power surges.
The factory run adaptive programming in your transmission will learn there is more power available in more places. Making for a more enjoyable and seemingly effortless driving experience.

Reasons to Use a Stealth Module

Stealth Modules are better than other diesel performance products in many ways. A Stealth module is a stand-alone computer. You connect it under the hood instead of plugging it into the OBD II port.

You don't need to download anything, splice wires, or make any modifications to your truck.

No Flashing Required

Unlike tuners or programmers, Stealth modules don't flash your truck's ECM.
If a truck with a flashed ECM comes into a dealership for service, the technicians can see that the vehicle was tuned. Diagnostic tools can show how many times the ECM was flashed. If that number doesn't match the dealership's records, they'll know the owner used a tuner.

This can void your warranty if you're trying to make a claim.
Stealth Modules help you avoid this problem. You can easily remove the module before bringing your truck for service. The Stealth Module doesn't leave traces behind.

Leave Stock Emissions Intact

You can leave your stock emissions intact with a Stealth Module. Stealth Modules are designed to work on completely stock trucks. This is safer for your truck and more family friendly.

Avoid Damaging Your Truck

Unlike some other performance products, Stealth Modules don't override your stock safety parameters. Your truck's original programming protects it the way the factory designed it.

The performance gains you get with a Stealth Module will be noticeable but will not have you blowing smoke or doing wheelies. The added power is smooth and predictable. It won't damage your transmission or engine.

Transfer to Another Truck

Stealth Modules aren't VIN locked and don't require you to unlock the ECM. You can transfer your module to another compatible vehicle if you want to. You won't find this flexibility in many other performance products.

Choosing Your Stealth Module

Stealth Modules are available for Ford Powerstroke, Ram/Cummins, Chevy/GMC Duramax, and Land Rover engines. All you need to know is the engine size and the year of your truck.

All of our modules are backed with 24/7 technical support. A Stealth Module is the safe, non-invasive performance solution you've been looking for.

Contact us today for more information and tips on getting the most from your Stealth module.

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