How it Works

The Stealth Module is a stand-alone computer that plugs in under the hood. Our internal software meticulously works to optimize the factory injection pressure to amplify combustion efficiency. By bringing the fuel rail pressure to its desired pressure sooner it allows for finer fuel atomization and a more complete fuel burn. In turn, the engine receives better combustion quality, efficiency, and power output. The end result is more torque when and where you need it, improved overall drivability performance and vehicle responsiveness.

Keep in mind, your diesel truck’s factory safety measures stay in place. The module is a safe solution for everyday driving and towing.

  • Improved overall drivability, vehicle responsiveness and performance
  • Increase in low to midrange power -where you need it (Better take-off and efficiency through the bottom end gears)
  • Smooth and predictable power across the low-mid RPM ranges prevent the transmission from struggling to find power and hold gears longer
  • Safe for towing and everyday driving while improving performance
  • Increased horsepower and reliable torque
  • All-weather factory style OEM plug and play connectors for quick and easy installation
  • Engine operates safely within manufacturer parameters
  • Factory safety measures/fail safes stay in place
  • Warranty friendly: must be removed before service
  • No external OBD II monitors or supplemental devices required
  • Selectable 4 position switch: Stock, Low, Medium, and High