Installation Instructions for Chevy/GMC Duramax L5P 6.6L Stealth Module (2024)

Included With Purchase

(1x) Stealth Module
(1x) Wire Harness with Fuel Rail Sensor and MAP Connections
(1x) Selector Switch


Video Installation


Step by Step Instructions

It is important to put your truck to sleep so it is not aware you're unplugging sensors. To do this you must open your hood all the way up and wait a few minutes until your dash lights shut off and your vehicle is not making any sounds. Leave your key fob away from the vehicle and do not open the doors or disturb the truck in a way that will cause it to wake up for the duration of the install. If you this step is not done properly you will need to clear the codes with a code reader or disconnect the negative terminals on both batteries for 30 seconds.

 Step 1:

Please disconnect the negative battery terminals on both batteries during install.

 Step 2:

Locate the sensor connections shown below.

Sensor Connections

Step 3:

Pull back red locking tab on the MAP sensor, depress the black clip and disconnect the factory plug. Referenced above. Referenced below.

Sensor Connections

 Step 4:

Connect the module wire harness connectors to the factory connectors. Push in both red tabs to lock both connectors. Tug each connector gently to ensure they are properly latched.

Sensor Connections

Step 5:

Locate the fuel rail pressure sensor, to the right side of the MAP sensor. Pull back the red locking tab, depress the black locking tab to unplug the sensor connection.

Sensor Connections

 Step 6:

Plug the module connectors into the factory connectors. Push in red locking tab, gently tug on each connection to ensure they are securely connected.

Sensor Connections


Turn Dial Clockwise

Stock - Low - Medium - High

Low - Towing at or near the vehicles maximum legal tow rating and low traction situations.
*consult your owners manual for vehicle tow rates

Medium - Moderate towing, around the middle of your vehicles tow rating, and ideal for everyday driving situations.

High - Maximum performance. Ideal for empty highway cruising.

The switch must remain plugged into the Stealth Module to remain in the desired setting. Do not switch power levels with the engine running.

You will see the best results when the selector switch is left in one setting for as long as possible.

Check Engine Light or Hard start on Install?

The most common reason for a check engine light on install is due to the truck not being asleep. If the Stealth Module has already been removed, please start the installation process over while giving special attention to the instructions above step 1. If the Stealth Module is still installed, verify connections and disconnect the negative terminals on your battery for a hard reset. Events that will wake the truck up: Not letting it sit for 15 minutes, opening/closing the vehicle door, having the key near the truck during install.

The most common reason for a hard start on install is due to improver connection. Please verify that all connections are straight and pushed in all the way. Be sure the harness is pushed in tight to the Stealth Module as well.

If you are still having trouble, please give our 24/7 tech support a call at (888) 613-4304

Remove the Stealth Module Before Service

Before going in for service, please remove the Stealth Module so that the truck is back to stock. This allows the technician to have a fresh base line when performing any work.