Stealth Tune Process - No Unlocks

Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a video explanation of the process, a form link, and the invite code. We will ship out your RTD (remote tuning device).

The form link is to get specifics on the type of vehicle you drive, your VIN number, any and all modifications you currently have, and more. All of these questions ensure you get the best results for your vehicle. 

After you receive your RTD you are ready to fill out the form. This is the device you need in order to read/upload your stock file and upload the new and improved tune! 

  • Download the TDN app - iPhone or Android 
  • Sign up for an account
  • You will then be prompted to plug the RTD into your OBDII port
  • The TDN app will walk you through the process
  • During setup, the TDN will ask for a Tuner ID (invite code) - this will be provided to you in the email after purchase
  • Once your stock ECM file is downloaded, uploaded and synched to our backend, then we will get started!

At this point, we will review the file and make the changes necessary according to your vehicle specifics. Once we are done we will upload the tune file and you will receive a notification on the TDN app. You can then follow the next steps:

  • Reconnect the RTD to your OBDII port. Open up the TDN and follow the steps given.
  • You will be downloading the file off of our servers
  • Then you will upload and sync the new file 

That's it! From here, we will make sure everything is functioning as designed. You will collect a data log through the TDN and upload it to the Peitz/Stealth server. We will then verify and validate the results.