Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: Changes in Recent Times

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

Did you know that in 2017 almost 900,000 heavy-duty diesel engines came off the assembly lines in the United States? Since then this number has gone over a million. This is great for the U.S. economy (talk about job security) and for the environment.

Heavy-duty diesel engines have come a long way, keep reading to learn more about the improvements that newer diesel technology is bringing to our world.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

Diesel is responsible for underpinning a large portion of the U.S. economy. There are so many vehicles that rely on diesel power. From trains construction equipment, Maine vessels, and trucks.

There is no other technology or fuel that delivers like diesel because this is the most efficient way to transfer stored energy potential into work.

Better for the Environment

Newer heavy-duty diesel engines are much better for the environment because of their near-zero emission engines. A Diesel Technology Forum commissioned a study where they found that replacing a 2000 model year Class 8 truck with a newer diesel model it can eliminate over two tons of smog-forming compounds every year.

The new technology is also more fuel-efficient which means that hundreds of gallons of fuel are saved every year. This equals almost 10 tons of C02 emissions annually.

The new 2020 6.7 powerstroke diesel is a perfect example of meeting emissions regulations. This truck has a network of emission control devices that meet federally mandated emissions regulations.

Providing Steady and Well Paying Jobs

Heavy-duty diesel engines are also helping many with well-paying jobs. There are almost 265,000 Americans repairing diesel engines and getting paid above the national average. It is also expected that jobs in the sector will grow by 5% each year compared to only 1% for other auto repair specialists.

There are many leaders in clean diesel engines also sponsoring technical training programs to guarantee a future workforce that have the skills needed to fill the job positions needed in the future.

Cummins is one of these leaders that teamed up with the Universal Technical Institute to help develop a diesel engine mechanic program. Another leader is Volvo Trucks they are sponsoring technical training programs in Texas, Florida, and Ohio. These are only a few of the leaders teaming up with institutes to help develop different diesel-mechanical programs.

What Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Are You Driving?

Do you currently drive around a heavy-duty diesel truck? The newer the engines the greater the emission reductions and the greater the fuel savings.

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